Thursday, October 15, 2009

ThE bLaCkBoArd!!!

When i walk on the ocher-yellow leaves and pluck along the white flowers

I often miss those impulsive plans, those dark clouds and cold showers...

I am entangled in the intricacies of lust and boredom

I have lost the patience that once i had.

Yes , I have turned inside-out ;I've changed they say

Now I am a bit sexy, kinda funny and a bit mad...

And when I laugh at the world

They sometimes smile , sometimes gap at me.

They've always been on the other side of the fence

And I know they will always be....

Paint me red and let me bleed

Or freeze me to death and beat me blue.

It will surely add colours to my life,

But I wonder - How will it help you?

And when the lustrous black turns silver grey

The class is over but I've decided to stay.

The blackboard reminds me of what I have never been

Its name is black but it looks so green...


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