Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I am learning to love again ...

A friend of mine triggered this thought . He asked " Can you start all over a clean slate ? "

I replied - "yes!!" I am a clean slate , I am at my best ready to accept any new experience with open arms."

But I guess it wasn't true. Can we really be open to love , to love again. I think with every failed relationship you die a little which adds up to a long list of "THINGS NOT TO DO!!"

What about giving yourself another chance. New hopes .. new wings... new love...
Can we really fall in love again ? Can we drop the baggage of past and embark on a new journey with the same vigour and enthusiasm?
Do you have the courage to be vulnerable again ?
Can you still wait for him on dinner table ?
Wear his favourite colour and wait for compliments ...
Will you make him a collage on his birthday and a handmade card on your anniversary ? 
Do you still have the courage to walk  on the same road where you once were so lonely ?

Above all do you still have the strength to smile everytime he smiles at you.... 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Truth about love..

A very good friend of mine once asked : " Will we ever find true love ? Like they show in the movies...??

and I replied : "Yes , dear we will !!, but the question is whether it will be happily ever after or not !!
We don't look for true love , we look for happy endings. We look for marriage , we look for long term relationships , security....  We don't look for love.                                                

Love is like our pet project which should be completed before you turn 30 or else it is not true love . Why do we have to measure the success rate of love on the scale of permanency or marriage. Why can't love be fleeting , short term , traumatic , exhausting , painful , hopeless.. Why does love have to be sweet , caring , stable , happy , peaceful..

Why does love have to be the potion to cure all your pains and a formula to end all your sufferings? Why do you wait all your life to be cured by something as magical as love?

Cant we just love without expecting it to change our lives . Cant we just enjoy it on dark corners of  our hearts and rejoice that we are in love no matter how sad , how lonely we feel. 

Free love from your perceptions and let it be just a feeling no matter how good .. how bad...Enjoy it in its true sense rather than expecting it to make your life perfect.If you stop expecting from love you will realize you fell in love so many times in so many ways but you didn't even notice.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

A huge Leap of faith ...

What to we actually fear losing in a relationship ? After we break up , what is that undying pain we have in our hearts? What do we mean by losing love and why does it hurt so much ?

When we love someone we begin to trust them step by step , inch by inch . Through their gestures and care we realize that they can be trusted with our heart , our lives. Our inner goddess who was up till now hiding under the bed pops up and claims the throne. She is happy and satisfied . Starts to rule like a queen because she feels she is safe . And you take that leap of faith. You tell him your biggest lies , greatest secrets with a promise of understanding and care . 

You put down the walls be vulnerable and introduce him to your shy and meek inner goddess. And you inner goddess is so happy to finally find someone with whom she can love happily ever after in her empty palatial house . 

And then your heart breaks. One fine morning your prince charming doesn't return to your inner Goddess . She waits and waits.. She forgets to dress up like she usually does , doesn't eat a thing and stares at you blankly with her smudged mascara eyes.

why did you introduce him  to her ? Why did you vouch for him ? 

Why did you let me take that leap of faith if you were not sure ? 

why ?

And you answer : " BUT I WAS  so SURE !!"

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Holding on V/S Moving on

She loved him with all her heart but it didn't work. 
She tried hard but it didn't work. 
She cooked his favorite dishes , got his approved haircut even joined a gym but it didn't work.
He went away to a a land that suited him more , where her little imperfections wouldn't hinder his perfect life.

He went away from her...

You know how she felt? It was like losing something you never had. 
It is the worst of it all.
 But she survived.
Moved on ...

One fine day , he came back .. Back to her ..
But y ? How dare he? How can he have the courage to come back to her ?
Few people never stop taking us for granted.
Does love make us look weak. 

"In a relationship one who loves less is strong "!! Is it true?
Do we really take our ex's for granted . 
People who loved us with immovable faith and always put our happiness above there own. 
The belief that they will take us back anyway is the biggest disrespect we can cause them and to their love. 

Always remember love gives us strength to endure all the hardships and challenges of a relationship and that is what make us to hold on to all the crap our partner gives..

But the moment you decide to end it, not hold on to it further , you are free. 

Yes you can walk away... love will empower you... Never test the limits of the one who loves you.. 

"Those who have the courage to hold on also have the power to move on , they just chose not to"

Sunday, February 3, 2013

What a woman wants?

Love, sex and money … not necessarily in the same order … every girl has different priorities but largely you can categorise it into these three..

So voila!! We now know what we want.. So what’s the problem then?
The problem is how to get it…
Will a lot of love and money do away with your bed cravings... or can you settle for a big mansion to live but no one to cuddle and sleep …
Much worse... What if you find it in different men...? And for a matter of fact you will!!
Imagine what a mess!!!

With my personal experience I can share one thing for sure... In a woman’s life there is a man who makes her happy and a man whom she loves with all her heart … at least two different men in each of our lives...

Sorry to break your bubble girlfriend but Life just got tougher…

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

With an end in my mind ...


I may have started with an end in my mind... yes an end.. to safeguard myself against a potential heartbreak .. a downfall..

But the truth is so clear .. so obvious .. that preparing for an end doesn't lessen the pain it causes..

Yes I was prepared for the end but not for the pain of living without a hope...

End is natural but hopelessness is like dying on a lonely island knowing no one will know you died not that they will save you...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Chaos is the only peace that exists...
Change is the only truth that persists...
Silence is the only sound that echoes..
In the emptiness of the world filled with people...
When u walk back u will realize; u were never there....