Thursday, May 30, 2013

Truth about love..

A very good friend of mine once asked : " Will we ever find true love ? Like they show in the movies...??

and I replied : "Yes , dear we will !!, but the question is whether it will be happily ever after or not !!
We don't look for true love , we look for happy endings. We look for marriage , we look for long term relationships , security....  We don't look for love.                                                

Love is like our pet project which should be completed before you turn 30 or else it is not true love . Why do we have to measure the success rate of love on the scale of permanency or marriage. Why can't love be fleeting , short term , traumatic , exhausting , painful , hopeless.. Why does love have to be sweet , caring , stable , happy , peaceful..

Why does love have to be the potion to cure all your pains and a formula to end all your sufferings? Why do you wait all your life to be cured by something as magical as love?

Cant we just love without expecting it to change our lives . Cant we just enjoy it on dark corners of  our hearts and rejoice that we are in love no matter how sad , how lonely we feel. 

Free love from your perceptions and let it be just a feeling no matter how good .. how bad...Enjoy it in its true sense rather than expecting it to make your life perfect.If you stop expecting from love you will realize you fell in love so many times in so many ways but you didn't even notice.


  1. Remember...

    A thousand half-loves must be forsaken to take one whole heart home. - Rumi...

  2. Another crystal clear post...

    I wish I could write so good now.. I wish I had my mind half as cluttered...

  3. @ akshat ..

    thanx fr the read.. :) glad that even guys like it.. i never wanted my blog to be all girly girly...

    @ maestro..
    u ve always een kind .. u r blessed that ur mind is not even half as cluttered as mine... :)

    and thanx fr the rumi quote...

  4. We know so little of Love, who knows if any of your questions will ever be answered correctly..or remain rhetorical..
    Generally, people are so engrossed with the physical aspects of beauty, of relationships, that they kill what little pure unbridled Love was there to begin with.
    Doing that for many years leaves us brittle, petty, cold and broken. That's when we realise the Love we lost.