Thursday, October 15, 2009

What's in the name ?

People say that I contradict myself often thus I have taken the onus of writing on few contradictions of life. Something spurred my thought process today. Like every college, we too have couples (including section 377). Two people who are in a relationship either before or after coming to college. The story goes like this -The girl broke her leg, and the guy is busy driving her around in the wheelchair. He is always there beside her, whether she needs him or not. I am kind of jealous and thought who would take care of me if the same thing happened to me. Let’s leave that question for a while …

Then another scene is when another random guy playing a badminton match and his girl is right there not only cheering all through the match but also waiting for him in the breaks , giving him water , energy drinks . Who would lose with that kind of support?

Then there is my female friend, who is just the most caring person I have ever met. Never leaves me alone in the party, wakes me up for the class, cheers me up when I am low and is always there when I perform on stage.

Now to justify the title, what is the difference between a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a friend, intimate friend, close friend, best friend and above all just a friend?

I believe two things that make a relationship worthwhile – time that you spend together and “being there” for that person. It’s not love that matters, its happiness that does.

It doesn’t matter what we do inside the four walls of the room with our boyfriends and girlfriends, but how we behave outside the room that matters. Small things like eating together , waiting outside the hostel block , waking up each other to attend the morning class , hugging each other when one wins a game , recording their on stage performance to give importance to their achievements , making sure that you compliment her when she looks good etc.

Every non-glamorous, non-romantic thing that we do together, adds to the strength of our relationship. Jennifer Aniston rightly said that a guy really loves you if he follows you to the mall and see you buying toilet paper, something as menial as that .Somehow for me that defines the substance of the relationship, true measure of how will we behave in our day to day life .It’s about finding love in doing things that are not romantic, that are daily ware, unimportant, non-flamboyant. But just the thought of doing it together makes it special. For me anyone, with whom I can do things like these and still have fun, is the most important part of my life, whatever the name of the relationship may be. After all – “what’s in the name?

What a women is ?

I am everywhere, if you love and care,
close eyes to see me, stretch arms to embrace me
I am no where ‘cause I am totally lost,
you can’t keep me in your possession

I am lovable; you may find me irresistible,
adorable and the queen of hearts
I am mean, can behave weirdly and wildly,
if you try to test my patience wrongly

I am simple, no hidden facts,
care to know me and then you get me
I am mystery unsolved, an unreadable book,
an unfinished story, an unending saga

I wanna write to you!!

i wanna write;i wanna write to you,
about how lonely the silence is
and how my nightmares are coming true.
about the echoing remembrance
and intrepid acceptance of love..
i wanna tell you so many things ,
i wanna write to you .....

time seems to freeze
and you have become stolid too.
i am shouting to deaf ears ;
my agony will never ever get through.

love to me is yet so unexplored
and pain sweetheart is just so new.
i don't wanna go back now,
i have come so far in search of you .
no !no! i don't wanna go back ;
i wanna write ;i wanna write yo you ....

now that you are not beside me,
about the unending questions that i have to answer
and how the world gives me a perverse glee.
about how much it hurts ;
to love in a world without you.
about all nights i wished i would have spent with you.
i wanna tell you so many things dear .
i wanna write , wanna write to you .......

On 13 june 2008

ThE bLaCkBoArd!!!

When i walk on the ocher-yellow leaves and pluck along the white flowers

I often miss those impulsive plans, those dark clouds and cold showers...

I am entangled in the intricacies of lust and boredom

I have lost the patience that once i had.

Yes , I have turned inside-out ;I've changed they say

Now I am a bit sexy, kinda funny and a bit mad...

And when I laugh at the world

They sometimes smile , sometimes gap at me.

They've always been on the other side of the fence

And I know they will always be....

Paint me red and let me bleed

Or freeze me to death and beat me blue.

It will surely add colours to my life,

But I wonder - How will it help you?

And when the lustrous black turns silver grey

The class is over but I've decided to stay.

The blackboard reminds me of what I have never been

Its name is black but it looks so green...


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