Sunday, June 5, 2011

First rain..

I had clutter of thoughts

Some of love

Some of pain

Some of loss

Some of gain

Randomness revisited

Restlessness heightened

And then it poured

How we used to stand for hours near the glass window

Making hearts with fingertips

And that bike which got punctured

Long walks and short trips…

you hated puddles

and I loved splashing

you wanted instrumental

I wanted dirty dancing…

That night it poured heavily

I was drenched from head to toe

I missed your presence in the rain

I guess you would never know…

I looked at you, you smiled

And then you looked away

You were just behind the window there

But you seemed far away…

It’s raining again

And sometimes

Only sometimes

I miss u in the rain

The way I did that day

The way I did today…

And sometimes

Only sometimes

I would like to know

What were you thinking?

When you were looking away…


  1. hi sahiba
    im a new member here aaaaand i LUV ur blog. tis poem is too b'ful. tis is wat i try 2 ryt lyk but never can. visit me at

  2. hi... sneha.. thanx 4 visiting my blog... glad u liked it.. i will surely check out your blog..

  3. Again So Beautiful .... and again inspiring me to write something close to that ... Keep Writing ..

  4. hey thanx shekhar... glad could move few feelings inside you .:P

  5. You can move any feelings inside anybody ... if u keep on writing like that :)

  6. Wow... you write beautiful :)
    Heart warming and touchy <3

  7. its an atom bomb u just blast it and blistering bubbles of feeling gets aroused and you are wonderful.................................dhichkiyaoon