Thursday, August 30, 2012

Freedom V/S loneliness

While I was walking back home from office I observed the green mountains . Yes !! i am at a godforsaken place that is surrounded by mountains ... I just wanted to drop going home and instead go visit the  Palace on the mountain top (Yes that's true check " Bundi " ). 

That is what I always wanted - Freedom.. Freedom of thinking free... 

All those who are bogged down by family ties , job commitments , laziness , mental blocks etc.. have never tasted the happiness in free thought process... It is so much fun to "JUST DO IT " (not that!!!)

Don't we all have a friend who we think is crazy... actually he is not .. he is just free.. free to live and think... free to drop that baggage and visit the palace at the mountain top , that you always wanted to...

but then whats the downside ... you don't belong anywhere ... you don't belong to anybody...Nothing holds you back.. You are willing to go anywhere .. be with anyone and even alone... it doesn't matter.. Unlike your friends who wants to build a career in xyz city where their fiance lives or where their school was...But you , inspite of all the relationships and commitments will still never feel like anything is holding you back not even love... And sometimes on quite evenings freedom crosses the line and becomes loneliness... Thus its very important that we can stand our own self before asking for freedom...only then it will be worth it...


  1. As I have said earlier, Just as everything else, Freedom has its cost too.

    But the key is to understand that your happiness is not the means to any end, it is its own end. You need to be content with yourself.

    Mind you, that is a difficult state to achieve.

  2. It is important that we live this freedom once at least even if bordering on be with oneself only, to do things for oneself only is a luxury.
    well written hon

  3. sumtymes we want to be binded by sum1 and dat is wen FREEDOM becumes meaningless...

  4. Just wondering, who is the artist that created this painting / picture ? It's beautiful !