Thursday, February 3, 2011

Or You are writing in vain?

There is something about this moment

That has made ur picture hazy

Something set deep in my heart

Something that makes it heavy...

I asked what beyond numbness

What beyond pain

Wat beyond white satin

What beyond stains...

He laughed – “write abt interesting things

Even if your day was mundane

Write about happiness

Or You are writing in vain?"

No I cant , I cant write about a happy job

An abundant life

No I cant write about a new flat

A trophy wife...

"Oh !! u poor , u poor writer

entangled in ur masochist emotions

u can just write about broken hearts

silent tears and love potion"

No wait don’t judge me so soon

I write for what I can’t express

Loneliness became my poetic affair

And silence accepted to be my mistress

Been trapped and cheated and starved to life

Reality was too hard to suppress

I have lost and failed and fallen and choked

The list my dear is endless..!


  1. good yaar, its beautiful!

  2. @ shalini - thanx for the read..

  3. ..lost and failed and fallen and choked .. i think we writers write our hearts into words...good times..bad times...happiness..sadness...and hopefully never write in vain..beautiful poem sahiba

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  5. Thanx for the read Claudia know we write only when we feel something so strongly but fail to express

  6. Oh..this is such a beautiful read...
    I suppose writing is all about expressing oneself.. and when that's the real reason, then it doesn't really matter WHAT you write about, as long as you are just expressing yourself...
    And nothing should change that..

    I hear ya, my friend...
    Your poem just spoke to me... really lovely!

  7. @ kavita.. thnx for the read...I agree with you , its all about expression .no matter what are you expressing.. it should be pure..

  8. emotions maketh a poet or a poetess ;) expressions exemplified :D