Thursday, November 5, 2009

Reign over me...


One of my ex roommates mailed me a scanned copy of her picture and asked me to sketch it in pencil and I was like – “Does she really think I have the time and energy to do that?”

Scene 2

Leaving aside all my friends, I was comfortable asking for money to my net friend. What more – He lent it without any second thoughts. To top it all we have never met and I have not even seen his picture. And I have yet not returned the money.

Scene 3

On the occasion of Diwali my maid servant asked my mom to put mehndi on her palms. My mom discouraged her saying that –“ Sahiba knows the art, but it depends on her mood .She may say no.!!!”

Our maid servant replied – “ Didi mujhe mana nahi karengi!!!”

Wow what a confidence and that too on me.

A beauty of a relationship lies in liberty we give. The liberty to take us for granted. The best feeling is to know that the other person cannot say “NO” to you. We all have people in our lives that are there for us no matter what. Every day they make small sacrifices for us.

We can call them in the middle of the night and disturb them for almost anything. We take advantage of them and sometime completely forget that we are happy at their expense. They may be missing classes for you just to keep you company. They may be spending money on you when they themselves are in a crunch mode. They may be missing sleep to listen to your stories all night .They will go to see movie of your choice even if they have seen it three times before, they would pamper you, alter their plans for you, give their favorite shirt to you because you like it more, fight with you over ordering Chinese food just because you like it more, but they will never complain. And the best part is we don’t even realize. They are not in your awe or in Organisational Behaviour term – high on agreeableness, they just like to keep you happy. They just want to give and make you comfortable enough that you can even ask for more.

Something as simple as carrying your bags to the hostel room when you return from holidays. Who does it for you? Do you hesitate before sharing your baggage with anyone? Or is there someone who u can call, u can reign over …