Thursday, August 4, 2011

Those four lines...

I read it again …

Those four lines

That ended us…

Ended me…

Was it that easy to finish?

Was it such a practical thing ?

Four lines…Your four lines

And my world fell apart…

I have erased everything,

But those four lines

I kept them safe.

A remembrance to heartache

A toast to your cowardice

Poetry of my helplessness…

I read it again…

How beautifully

You accepted your lies,

Like a mirage

In front of my eyes,

Thought I could look through you

Thought you could feel my love…

But four lines, just with four lines

You ended and I endured…

Do you ever think back?

Of life without me?

Or you thought about it too often?

Did you think about her

When I thought about you?

Did you miss her

Every time I missed you ?

Somewhere someday

And I shall ask you

Just one time

One question, one rhyme

Did you love her?

When I thought you loved me….