Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nothing Special !!

Passing through the same road

Doing the same chores

Thought less



Life was passing by me

It was just another day

The same more or less

In the bathroom

Suddenly I saw a flicker of sunlight

Dancing on my naked waist

I smiled

Nothing special...

I cooked breakfast

Kitchen window gave way

To a subtle rush of air

And my long locks got entangled

I blushed

Nothing special

An early morning message from him

Warm fuzzy feeling inside

Nothing special...

As I was putting kohl

My eyes looked bigger

They sparkled

I thought

Nothing Special...

Gathered my stuff

Arranged my bed

And there lies my diary

I caressed it like my child

Wished it goodbye

It was hard to leave a part of you behind

But Nothing special…

I was getting late

But the lift was waiting right there

Lucky me, I thought

Time saved

Nothing special…

Reached office

Bumped into him

Then again saw him near the water cooler

He looked at me and kept looking

I didn’t know where to look


Nothing special…

My boss praised me

He thought I was a very intelligent girl

I acted modest

Inside I was as happy as a child

Nothing special…


Roommates were discussing dinner

The most debatable topic

So menial yet so important

Place decided

Then No one was hungry

Stupid we were

Never sure

Nothing special…

The hot whether

Room was like hell

We slept on rooftop

Slept, chatted, laughed till wee hours

Nothing special…

Another morning

Puffy eyes

Aching back

It’s hot, humid

Another day

I will pass through the same road

Do the same chores

Thought less



Life will pass by me

It will be just another day

The same more or less

Nothing special...


  1. very good.
    -sandeep gundeti

  2. nice work!!! the pics add to the feel..

  3. Really great.. Rashmi

  4. Thnkyou everyone for the read... :)

  5. reminder of pain
    that how easily
    how smoothly
    life passes by me
    and i dismiss it daily
    nothing special

  6. but you write sense... this was good

  7. @strong mind.. u got it.. life has little moments that are so special but we don't appreciate.. instead ,years later we will cherish these moments and think of them as special..

  8. dat was cool.. Ms. Sahiba
    achcha likha hai :)


  9. This is the first Poetry of Yours that I have exposed to ..... And I must say .... It makes you feel when you read along the verses .... "Beautiful" is the word !!!

  10. beautifully expressed:):)