Tuesday, May 17, 2011

they Inked the rules on her!!

She couldn't escape
She couldn't fight

From clothes to shreds
From days to nights

She stood there naked and shy
She paused and wondered why

She didn't resist but endured
Her Soul was bruised and blood poured

All she wanted was –“to express”
She dared to become a writer
They taught her a good lesson
And Inked the rules on her…



  1. I read your blog off and on... I have never understood, when u write, where do you come from... As in, simply put, you write about yourself or an actual 3rd person? This is not a comment about this particular post, but your blog in general...

    Because, if latter is the case, then its fine.. If the case is former, I feel you are very confused about yourself. You think that you give everything to a relationship and the guy takes you for granted but possibly, I think, the problem is that you take the guy for granted, do not give him space and then things go awry. I don't know which one, but what I have inferred from your blag, this is a major possibility.

  2. Thanx for analysing.. i have often explained to people nd that never trace a poet from his poem.. i dnt write abt myself nd abt others. Poems are always an exaggeration. And I agree that "the problem is that you take the guy for granted, do not give him space and then things go awry." I have learnt that lesson long ago. As of now I am healed and in a wonderful relation . I am a happy person.It is just that I have a passion for dark writings. Painful and sensual.

    I would like if u wud reflect on the poem nd not the poet. Poetry is a part of poets personality or sumtimes figment of imagination. Never judge a poet by his poetry. There are so many other aspects to a poets thought process that u will miss out.

    Thanx for taking time out nd reading my writings . At least I keep you interested. :P

  3. well, thats not quite right.. we judge how talented a musician is from the songs/ music he composes, we judge the artistic a painter is from the paintings, an author from the writings and a poet from the poems. It doesn't matter what the poet/ musician/ painter/ author thinks or feels. What matters is how the reader identifies the song/ painting/ poet/ book within himself.

    I am a part time musician. I can surely say, complexity and inscrutability of the music/ feel, less appreciated it is. But that doesn't mean it is not good. Every time I listen to a Dream Theater song, I try to delve more and more into the psyche of the composers and more I start liking it. And if you ask me, DT are the best composers today.

    As compared to that, honestly, your writing is amateurish. Its not as dark as you think it is. If something is dark, it should not be seen. But when someone reads it, the reader gets the feeling that something is ominous, something is wrong. But your poetry, reveals you, the poet, very quickly. Once I read any of your post, I feel there is nothing more to discover from this. Because everything is explicit, nothing hidden. Pain, expressed clearly is not pain. Pain explained subtly will give the listener (to music), reader (to poetry) a pang of revelation that Shit! I have experienced this!

    You can take this as criticism or constructive criticism, your choice obviously. Don't shrug this comment as 'whatever, I will do what I like'. The answer to that is, if you are writing for yourself, keep it to yourself. If you are writing on the blog, its obv so that others can read and appreciate.

  4. I meant artistry of the painter in the first para*

  5. You may be right.. I need to ponder over it...