Thursday, October 15, 2009

I wanna write to you!!

i wanna write;i wanna write to you,
about how lonely the silence is
and how my nightmares are coming true.
about the echoing remembrance
and intrepid acceptance of love..
i wanna tell you so many things ,
i wanna write to you .....

time seems to freeze
and you have become stolid too.
i am shouting to deaf ears ;
my agony will never ever get through.

love to me is yet so unexplored
and pain sweetheart is just so new.
i don't wanna go back now,
i have come so far in search of you .
no !no! i don't wanna go back ;
i wanna write ;i wanna write yo you ....

now that you are not beside me,
about the unending questions that i have to answer
and how the world gives me a perverse glee.
about how much it hurts ;
to love in a world without you.
about all nights i wished i would have spent with you.
i wanna tell you so many things dear .
i wanna write , wanna write to you .......

On 13 june 2008


  1. liked all the posts on the blog
    but may be i'd be repeating words trying to comment on all

    this one was the best
    really so relatable

    I don't know u
    but really
    Great Work Lady

  2. maine ek baar fir padhi

    sahi me bohot zyada achhi hai
    it is too good
    may be i m loving it more because of my affinity towards darkish writing

    i loved it
    loved it