Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I am learning to love again ...

A friend of mine triggered this thought . He asked " Can you start all over a clean slate ? "

I replied - "yes!!" I am a clean slate , I am at my best ready to accept any new experience with open arms."

But I guess it wasn't true. Can we really be open to love , to love again. I think with every failed relationship you die a little which adds up to a long list of "THINGS NOT TO DO!!"

What about giving yourself another chance. New hopes .. new wings... new love...
Can we really fall in love again ? Can we drop the baggage of past and embark on a new journey with the same vigour and enthusiasm?
Do you have the courage to be vulnerable again ?
Can you still wait for him on dinner table ?
Wear his favourite colour and wait for compliments ...
Will you make him a collage on his birthday and a handmade card on your anniversary ? 
Do you still have the courage to walk  on the same road where you once were so lonely ?

Above all do you still have the strength to smile everytime he smiles at you.... 


  1. its cool to open up but sometime we just need to lose ourselves.

  2. I was enjoying reading it but suddenly it got over. Should have write more on this :)
    But nicely written and expressed