Sunday, March 10, 2013

Holding on V/S Moving on

She loved him with all her heart but it didn't work. 
She tried hard but it didn't work. 
She cooked his favorite dishes , got his approved haircut even joined a gym but it didn't work.
He went away to a a land that suited him more , where her little imperfections wouldn't hinder his perfect life.

He went away from her...

You know how she felt? It was like losing something you never had. 
It is the worst of it all.
 But she survived.
Moved on ...

One fine day , he came back .. Back to her ..
But y ? How dare he? How can he have the courage to come back to her ?
Few people never stop taking us for granted.
Does love make us look weak. 

"In a relationship one who loves less is strong "!! Is it true?
Do we really take our ex's for granted . 
People who loved us with immovable faith and always put our happiness above there own. 
The belief that they will take us back anyway is the biggest disrespect we can cause them and to their love. 

Always remember love gives us strength to endure all the hardships and challenges of a relationship and that is what make us to hold on to all the crap our partner gives..

But the moment you decide to end it, not hold on to it further , you are free. 

Yes you can walk away... love will empower you... Never test the limits of the one who loves you.. 

"Those who have the courage to hold on also have the power to move on , they just chose not to"


  1. But the problem is most people do not know their ability to move on until they actually are in that zone of complete helplessness where they know their partner is not going to return.

    After every break up there is a hope of your ex's returning back and it fades only with time...

    1. i agree,,, but there is always a choice.. :)

  2. i really do think that the one who loves more in a relationship becomes the weaker one.This is such an irony but sadly true.How can u hold back love and still claim to be in love!!The very fact that you love someone means u have surrendered a part of yours to him/her.But this shouldn't give the other person any right to take you for granted.

    1. @ anonymous... thnx for the read..
      Yes i agree that the one who loves more seems to be the weaker one but like I said by choice.. Only till the relationship lasts.. Once it has ended we come to see how bad it was for our self esteem .we meet new people who treat us better .. we realize our worth.. though there is always this never ending subtle pain of rejection but once we break that vicious circle of love and lost ,,, we can take a strong decision..

  3. You could have uploaded a better picture :P