Friday, May 29, 2009

Do you know what I did this summer? contd (4)

After my controversial encounter with my OG. Next were my fellow trainees. We are four trainees in HR department including me . I was supposed to work on same project with another guy trainee from MDI , Gurgaon. The other two were girls . So initially I showed least interest in them . I mean even if I am good friends with them I always think - "What is in it there for me ?" .

To come to think of it girls are kind of useless (except for obvious reasons ). I mean most of them don't have a credit card unless they are working professionals. Whenever I want to book tickets online , I need to take help of my dear friend Vivek.

Then most of the times they will not have sufficient balance in their cellphone. They will always end up giving missed calls to their boy- friends and boyfriends. Imagine how the guys manage more than one girl at a time. To top it all they will lose something or the other valuable - say wallet , gold chain , keys , sanity...

Another problem with female community is that they don't play COUNTER STRIKE thus they never understand he thrill to be shot at any moment that too by a machine gun . Also women fail to comprehend that such games are the only other reason that can keep men awake whole night . I guess many of my girl-friends actually want to destroy games like Travian and NFS Pro Street for keeping their boyfriends away.

Cricket and Soccer may be watched by many girls but only few would miss office because they were depressed when MANCHESTER UNITED lost. Well my OG( organisational guide ) did that. I also think most of the girls don't have a blood red colour T- shirt with " C . Ronaldo " printed on back.

I can write more but for now this much is enough ... take care girls...

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