Monday, May 18, 2009

Do you know what I did this summer ?

After this story they will make me a poster child for – “I know what you did last summer “. Still I am determined to tell my story. I stand 5foot and 6 inches tall with slim built. Oh ! Come on now... Why can’t the protagonist be good-looking? Besides I have long, almost straight hair up to my hips, long painted nails and a dusky complexion that adds to my oomph, convent educated and homely girl. And for those who are thinking this is a matrimonial invitation. Puhleezee !! I am just 22, teetotaler , non smoker , just completed first year of MBA . Every story can’t be an ugly duckling story or about a single women pushing age. Although you will find some traces of both.

So the story is about my summer internship in Delhi. While the students in my college were tensed about their summer internship due to recession, I lay like couch potato in my five pillows, Dunlop bed. Due to my Dad’s social skills that he has inherited from me; I found SIP in a reputed company in Ghaziabad .

To cut short the big saga, assume that I reach Delhi through spaceship. Then while I was climbing the staircase to reach my chachu’s apartment; lightening struck me!! Nope not the real one! It’s just that we are surds or Sikh .And we are not allowed to cut our hair, at least my mom doesn’t allow me to. But Miss Kashish Bakshi ( you can call me cash or KB with love ) got them trimmed on her birthday.

The door finally opened. There she was my lioness mother behind my chachi who opened the door.
"Hi chachi !!"
"Hi dear, good to see you.You seem tired dear."
"Oh no! How can someone be tired after 18 hrs of journey? "
"Come in, come in."

There she stood with love filled eyes as if I have returned from war or my hijacked plane has just landed in the room.

"Mom, good to see you!" And I hug her.
"Same here beta!" Now she hugs me

To make you realize the difference. Hugs are very important expression in a typical Sikh family. We are extreme creatures. We love with our full heart and we hate the same way too. I always thought that the cliché “I can kill for your love and I can die for your love “was actually written by a sardar .

"You have put on weight beta."

Oh my god! This is a wrong dialogue. She should say that I am looking weak .Damn it! I guess she is suffering from Delhi wannabie fever.
"Yes, it’s just that all of my 6 abs have merged to become one .Nothing much." " I guess you too are looking healthy."
"Who me? no way , it’s just the loose fitting of my salwar suit u see."
"Well I see and so does everyone."

After having lunch I prepare grounds to doze off. But there she is waiting to tell me about whose daughter-in-law is expecting and what are they expecting, who complemented mom, whose daughter ran away with driver and which girl caught a big fish so on and so forth.
After half an hour of grilling gossip session I tell her the truth. Nope I am not pregnant , for god’s sake I am conservative in actions . I m just telling her about my hair goof up.

"Mom I have to tell you something that will upset you very much."
"What’s it? You are indebted?"
"Nope!" "I am not in debt ."
"You have lost your diamonds?"
"No mama."
"Some guy is involved?"
"For heaven’s sake stop it. I lost my white purse in the hostel." " It had thousand rupees, some silver jewelry my pan card and I don’t remember the rest of the things."
"Were the rest of the things made of diamonds beta?"
"No mom! Here, I am wearing your diamond earrings." " I have to get myself kidnapped to fulfill your wish to lose them."
"Oh! That’s sad you lost fifteen hindered rupees.":" You are so irresponsible."
"Mom it’s thousand, you are used to exaggerating wherever money is concerned." "Besides there is another thing I need to tell you."
"Some guy is involved."
"No mom! I got my hair trimmed."
"Oh Kash ! this is not right." "Now your sister will also follow you."

" Anyways have I told you about Mrs Verma’s daughter?" " She ran away with their driver."
And the story goes on …..

My mom has always been a real Leo .She is fierce and passionate. But I guess over the years I have learnt to handle her. I still don’t understand how can she be so cool about my almost haircut. I guess thanks to Mrs Verma’s driver. Love conquers all. And I have to call my sister to tell her the story. We are such a story telling family.


  1. i knew u were a perfect sardar, but i guess i was wrong. u r too much perfect fit than a mere perfect to be a sardar....

    keep writing

    it was real fun to read
    waiting eagerly for ur next blog

  2. this is so typically you! Keep it up! keep us all entertained! Kudos!

  3. Miss KB.. good work..
    actually nice.. keep it up!!

  4. hmm... all praises 4 miss KB already...!! go read my blog 2.. :P

  5. Nice blog..I liked it..for once..
    Whatz with the name change?
    Already reached celebrity status?

  6. n mum told me too...dont u dare follow her
    lols... our leo mum