Sunday, May 24, 2009

Do you know what I did this summer ? contd (3)

Coming back to myself, I went to my room. It had a double bed with two extra folding beds on the sides and four cupboards neatly placed in sides. A dressing table and just one visible charging point (the other two were discovered later by me ).We were four people living in that P.G. and to be clearer, we were four people sleeping in the same room.

"Oh! That’s great beta! You will be sleeping with three girls .Now I have no worries.”

"Yes mom! Lucky me!"

Granny auntie occupied another bedroom .It had a TV, two windows and a double bed. We could use auntie’s bathroom whenever we want. I think mom was also happy that I can take a shower with granny auntie but she didn’t comment on it.

Also I could see a cooler in the closed balcony attached. Our room had no windows. So I nicknamed it “THE BOX”.

First day@ office

I reached office at 9am sharp. Then I found a comfortable blue couch outside HR Department and decided to spend rest of my time there. I guess even the company people had the same plan for me.

I sat there for 4 hours. Till then I slept a bit, wept a bit, got bored, slept, talked on phone, and got frustrated, wrote a poem, slept .All this on that blue couch. I was feeling like a hungry, formally dressed, long haired beggar.

Then I was introduced to my organizational Guide (O.G.).

Have you ever thanked god for granting your wish just when you need it most. Well when I saw Mr. Siddhant Kapoor, I did thank God a lot. He was 27 years old, handsome young man, stood 5feet 9 inches tall and with a slim build. What more do you need as a summer intern. Now my four hours of sufferings bore fruit. God tussi Great ho.

Dil kho gaya ho gaya kisi ka , ab raasta mil gaya khushi ka, aankhon mein hai kwab sa kisi ka , dil kho gay aho gya kisi ka …

Rishta naya rabba dil choo raha hai kheenche mujhe koi dor teri or…

“Hello! Miss Bakshi. I am Siddhant Kapoor your OG. Sorry to keep you waiting, we all were in a meeting with the HOD.”

“Oh! Ya! That’s what everyone says.”


“Nothing!” “I was telling that in these recessionary times it’s so hard to keep the annual profits on track.”

“Oh! That’s what everyone says.” “Come with me, I will show you your cubicle and explain you the work.”

We walked from my blue couch towards the HR department. And he held the door open for me.

“After you”

“But you are my senior.”

“And you are a woman”

“No I am not”


“I mean I am a woman but at present I am not.”


“I mean in my professional life I am not a woman.”

“What is your profession?”

“At present - working under you.”

“I mean with you.” “Haaye rabba !” “I am sorry. Didn’t mean a thing I said.”

He laughed and then continued-

“It’s OK. I think you are just a bit nervous. Gather yourself; in a while you will be meeting our DGM. And she is a woman, even in her professional life.”

Then he gave me the most beautiful smile ever. He looked so confidant and look at me - dumbass. I told a handsome guy that I am not a woman.huh!! I should actually write -

How to be a man and loose a guy in one day”.

This happens to me every time I have a crush on a guy. No matter how hard I try to stop myself, still I show them some exhibits of my extra intelligence and petite nature.

I guess to start with SK - KB , not bad....

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