Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thinking about past...

Sometimes we spend a lot of energy thinking about past... Anything from past job to past relationship, from school friends to college life , from ex- boss to ex-girlfriends.. sometimes even about last internet connection you had... last paying guest apartment .... and what fun you had while riding your scooter... that corner juice shop... that paanwala.. your school auditorium.. that college trip...that guy who kept smiling at you.. the one who asked for your number one day....the one who asked your age... the girl who gave u a pen...the friday lunch in informal dress code..

There are so many things we have experienced ... loved , hated , cherished.. we hated them then.. but we love them now.. i get so jealous when I see students on their vehicles , just whiling away time..standing for hours at the vehicle stand and chit-chatting.. like we used to do..

Then there are hurtful things we think about .. the interview we screwed up , the guy we liked, the girl who broke your heart , the boss who never understood your worth ... that friend who ditched ... that exam you didn't clear ...

Let go .. let go of all the beautiful memories.. cherish them or forgive nd forget them...

"Don't look so long at the closed door that you miss other doors opening beside you!!

Life goes on .. We are blessed to experience every part of life .. so live in the present moment .. enjoy it before its gone .. nd later u wud remember how wonderful these days were...

"Let bygones be bygones... there is a reason people in your past didn't make it to your future.."


  1. why are u thinking bout ex-girlfriends?? you are saucier than i thought.. and I should've gotten to know u more in college :P
    - JD

  2. I just wanted to generalise So that people like u cud relate to it too... i m glad u dnt know me more than u do now...:P

  3. There are people who tend to live in the past and there are people who just love nostalgia...

  4. I am just a passey by. I read through everything you have written - with no claim I understand it any better. I see, you like Ayn Rand too. But the way you wrote - it delivers an inevitable sense of trouble, dissatisfaction and moving on. I am sorry, but this is what stood out to me, most powerfully. I hate to preach or suggest, but if time and work ever permit, please read Nietzche's 'Thus Spoke Zarathustra' and Soren Kierkegaard's 'Fear and Trembling'. If you cant find both... please read Kierkegaard atleast. You may find it healing.

  5. u have expressed the gist really very beautifully :)

    I liked it


  6. Lovelyy.. :) Rashmi