Thursday, June 10, 2010

make ur own mistakes..

I read somewhere that

" life is all about knowing which bridge to burn and which to cross"

And I guess its so true for all of us. Its all about making choices .Wether to eat eggs or cereals in breakfast ,to wear black or white to office ,to go on a second date with him or not , to be mean to them or be tolerant, phew!!

To be or not to be!!

Sometimes we think life would have been much easier if someone else could decide for us but no thats not what we exaclty want , we want someone else to decide something right for us...
And because "right decision" is a relative term , dont you think its better that we decide for ourselves , no matter how stupid we are , how lost we are ... but its always better to make your own mistakes...


  1. When someone else decides for us , as generally parents do, we never really get convinced unless we dont have anything on the contrary to put.

    But rather than choosing for ourselves, and making a "mistake" , it would be prudent to let someone else decide for us, be it friends, family or anyone we rely on, and save ourselves from that mistake! what say?

  2. ohh..good, i use to check ur blog regularly..dis blog is after a long break..
    thoda frequently likha karo, else i will lose interest..

  3. ok dear.. m planning to write regularly... :)