Saturday, January 14, 2012

Have I asked for too much ?

Just comfort me
When I lie down on bed after a long day's work...
Have I asked for too much ?

Just fetch me a glass of water
when I can't stop coughing...

hold my hand when I remember my dead dog , lost job or a broken dream

Cuddle me in the cold winter nights
you know I get so shivery....

Buy me those pink roses that you never bought

Surprise me with your cooking effort
On a lazy Sunday morning

Or may be just a small message "I love you"
When I am busy with kids and you are with your friends

Please don't sleep when I recite my poems to you
At least appreciate as they are all for you

And sometimes when you think of me as beautiful
I will be glad to hear it...

Have I asked for too much?


  1. As soothing as ever ... Sounds pretty mature ... You have a gift Sahiba :)

  2. thanks shekhar... even u have lot many gifts .. please teach me photoshop...

    @ vinay... :) why envy me dearest ... you think and i will write what you think...

    @ shalini... thanks for the read .. you are always kind to my poems...