Sunday, July 17, 2011

In search of randomness...

We live two lives

One of our own

And one of others...

They made the rules

And you follow it

Never questioned

Never resisted

Kept smiling

Loving and Understanding

Being and Becoming

What others want you to be…

And time blurs the line

Between us and myself…

Their becomes mine

Mine becomes void…

But sometimes; some things

Bring out that song

Long forgotten…

That colour which faded…

Those people


And in these times

You think …. Why?

Why? What? When?

Where is the line

That line between

You and yours,

And how will you ever

Draw it again…

How will you separate?

Responsibilities and happiness…

Commitment and attraction…

Can you? Can you leave that hand?

And walk away,

In search of yourself

Are you confident enough?

Can you? Can you leave?

That so called happiness…

Leave that worldly perfection,

In search of randomness…


  1. you know my mind was going through such similar thots since unable to xpress..sumthing similar to wat u hv written..

    i m thinking to post it on my FB wall with ur signature of course :)