Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I carry no more that sense of touch..

I carry no more
That Sense of touch
that thing called love
we had so much...

Between separation and possession
it seems,
I have got u but
I have lost myself...

And when I sleep at night without you;
Nothing more comes to my mind,
A state of non feeling
That surrounds me;
And neutrality that creeps in.

It’s been years since
I have been standing here,
But I have stopped waiting it seems.
No despair
Just boredom and no strength
to look for you
even a glance or stare.

I shut the drapes
the sunlight reminds me of the darkness
that exists.
And sometimes I stop breathing
to maintain
the loud silence that persists.

When the cold wind touches me
Wherever your fingerprints lie,
It neither hurts me nor loves me
like it used to
While I lie there naked and shy...

The world is just so busy; so engrossed,
to fill the gaps and emptiness,
to complete the incomplete stories;
to cover the carefully built distances.

And here I lay wide awake
thinking about no gaps to fill,
no games to play.
Just shouting in oblivion
with nothing
absolutely nothing to say....

Written almost an year back..