Sunday, December 12, 2010

Denial of love...

Denial of love

is a self defeating purpose.

What more do you expect

From an ignorant girl.

When you loved her she was

Beautiful and sweet

Now she is pallid & dumb

Just a piece of meat

they say love persevers

its men who change

but society asks

whats a wife without his name

Freedom is my only virtue

And love -my greatest vice.

Where should I go darling,

Its like sophie’s choice.

Written on 20th Oct 2009

A rainy day!!!

A rainy day is like finding your soul mate. With every embrace it will make you feel beautiful, with every touch it will create pangs in your nerves, it will be there when you want to hide your tears from the world, it will make you hungry, it will induce sleep like never before, will make harder to concentrate on other things, above all it will cleanse you of all the pains and will let you dream … and when it is gone it leaves sweet and naughty memories behind ….