Thursday, November 18, 2010

from one weekend to another..

When I was a kid I used to be excited about children's day coz our school used to have some function and sweet distribution . I used to look forward to teacher's day coz I used to lead a team of dancers ready to perform. I so loved performing on stage and missing periods to practice for dance . I used to feel that I belong to some special cadre that I had so much responsibilities on my head - studying and dancing.. :P...

The day that I was most enthusiastic about was my birthday. What will I wear , what sweets will I distribute , where will I give the treat , who all will be invited .. I used to feel so speacial wearing civil dress while everyone used to be in uniform.

 Now that I have started working the thing that I look forward to most is - WEEKEND!!

I think of weekend everyday! Its like I am living life from one weekend to another... No teacher's day , No childrens day ... only saturday and sunday!!